a little more sunshine


PS 146 Daffodils, lambswool linen


sunshine award

I’ve never been sure about this saying – to me lambs are soft and fluffy (like snow) and lions are strong and golden (like sunshine). So I guess you could say we had a little lamb-like weather recently and today is more like a lion. Our beautifully sunny warm weather has melted most of the snow but not to worry there is more on the way! I love the blue skies and the snowy peak I can see as I type this.

Speaking of lambs, check out the new batch at this blog! Adorable. I also baked up some cookies this blogger had posted – yum, I have butter out for another batch.

I was nicely given another Sunshine Award by Christel. So here are another few blogs that bring sunshine to my day! Please see the rules for this award at Christel’s blog (I’m being a big time rule breaker – sorry).

Farmgirl Fare (obviously since I’ve linked to it twice today)
The Scarlett House (sampler inspiration, I’m amazed at her output)
So Happy (a sweet blog by a girl Amber knew in high school youth group, we attended her wedding)
Island Sparrow (always, always inspires me)

One other note, I love the music at Kathie’s blog but also, check out Katie’s sister’s music, there is a link at her blog (So Happy).

Have a sunshiny day!


PS – here’s the post about Mandy’s music – it was sort of hard to find at the blog, sorry.

5 thoughts on “a little more sunshine

  1. Beautiful – always enjoy looking at your stitching – the colours are always so rich and your work so neat too! Do you iron your work every day?! LOL

    Claire UK

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