lime green





Not sure where Wednesday and Thursday went this week, sorry about missing Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. We did get a bunch of snow and are getting more tonight probably!

Wanting to use linen for this project in approximately the color it called for had me experimenting with dye recently. I ended up dying a fat quarter of white Dublin linen using dark green and yellow Rit powder dye (sometimes you have to use what you can find) to achieve this lime green, I would have preferred to use liquid dye. I tried very hard to get a picture that showed the true color and failed badly. It’s fairly close to DMC 3348 and almost the same color as my laptop. I used more yellow than green to get this color.

I have enough of this left over that I’m giving some thought to stitching this Notforgotten Farm design. I’m thinking of stitching this over 1 using GA Slate for the dress, but just looking at that dress is making me rethink stitching this….I don’t know about you but that expanse will probably take me three days of stitching to accomplish, but it’s such a sweet little design and I probably will do it anyhow.

I HAVE TO get my ‘studio’ organized this weekend. I normally call this room my workroom but others have begun calling it my ‘studio’ so I’m trying to call it that as well. I may have to kick my ‘studio cats’ out, they tend to take over when I’m not looking! They’ll probably just head over to my office – the next spot on my list for some reorganization.


7 thoughts on “lime green

  1. Cats are soooo cute!! I too need to sort out my `studio’ otherwise known as the tiny box room also known as the 3rd bedroom! LOL

    Love experimenting with dying fabric – have only ever used coffee and tea in the past.. must try spices.

    Claire in UK

  2. That fabric is the most gorgeous colour. The Princess and the Pea is so pretty, perfect for a little girl… I daren’t show it to my two! The colours are beautiful, can’t wait to see some more progress. Your blog is great, I love looking at your clever work – good luck in your studio.

  3. I just love to see your stitching. Your cats are so darn cute laying in the baskets all curled up.

    My cat loves to do the same thing…he dearly loves to lay on top of my material and my stitching.

    Your WIP is so beautiful.

  4. The colour of your hand dyed fabric is gorgeous. and yes, I think the spring project will look great on it as well. Lol, you expressed my personal thoughts of stitching Mrs Bunny’s dress. I have this design since last year when it was release3d but couldn’t bring myself to starting it because of the solid stitching.

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