51 years






Yesterday Jerry’s parents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. My parents were only married a little over 13 years and both of my grandmothers were widowed at a fairly young age, so 51st anniversaries have not happened much in my family. This is the same church Jerry and I were married in, I love the way it looked back then…when we got married in 1984 there was still a bit of a bad 70s look to the front of the church – very orange and brown.

I’ve made a bit of progress on Rose Quaker from Stickideen von der Wiehenburg. I have not made a lot of progress on my reading however. I don’t seem to find time for both reading and stitching these days and when I have to make a choice, I’ve gone with my stitching. I do almost always listen to a book while I’m stitching (mostly Modern Scholar lectures lately – which are really great by the way) but I don’t think listening is nearly the same as reading. Now should I read or stitch tonight….?

Happy Anniversary Jerry & Esther!


PS – I was just informed that we were married at the same church but not the same building.

14 thoughts on “51 years

  1. I think anyone who has a 51 year anniversary is amazing…and I want to know the secret to their success in marriage!
    Mary Kathryn, I adore your Rose Quaker Sampler. Would you be willing to share your thread color choices? It’s just gorgeous! Hugs, Deb

  2. I love the photos from the wedding, especially the hair! Your stitching is lovely. I can’t seem to make time to stitch and read both either!

  3. I love older wedding photos! There always seems to be something so classy about them!

    I love the colors in your piece!

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