this and this

I took some of this (I used a charm pack actually)…
not quite b

and did this….
this a

this b

this c

and ended up with this…
this d

and then I saw…..this!

I love the colors in Fresh Cottons – they are exactly what I want in my ‘studio’ how I wish I had a charm pack in my hands to sew this very minute…..I do have some ordered but I don’t want to wait…..I’ll go clean something or bake now.

Claire sweetly gave me another Sunshine award – thank you Claire!

sunshine award

I’ll pass this on to a few more blogs that I enjoy (they are many, many more) please see the rules (most of which I’m breaking) at Claire’s blog –

Fresh Figs (I really love the fabrics she designs)
Tartelette (a really beautiful food blog)
Little Red House (decorating blog, great photos)
Szentpyr (more beautiful pictures and crafts, Hungarian like me)
Aiken House & Gardens (pretty flowers, china, homes, gardens, collections, pictures…..)


PS – completely unrelated but it’s 81 degrees today, no wonder I feel so warm!

6 thoughts on “this and this

  1. I love it! and I agree with what everyone else said too…you know…lovely beautiful, great colors. Makes me want to leave work early and go home to sew!!!

  2. Love those fabrics in your quilt!! I am never sure how fabrics will look until I actually see them sewn into something 🙂

    Then I fall in love!


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