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The Spring respiratory virus of 2010 is making the rounds at my house. I’m feeling pretty yucky but Ethan is on the mend, not much energy for projects here, I did get orders shipped and will fix something simple for dinner, it’s 5:20 and I feel like I’m ready for bed! I did have more energy today than I did yesterday so I have great expectations for a good day tomorrow :0)

I would like to stitch this sweet chart from Country Cottage Needleworks The Book Store. Here is the chart and the Family Tree Frame it uses. I’ve pulled some threads I’d like to use, soft colors like The Tea Room. The tea and scones are from a few weekends ago – sounds good now though….

Amber got a Kindle and I’m sooooo jealous!! I think I’ll take it when she’s not looking, maybe she won’t notice for a bit, or blame her brothers….it’s really nice, a little heavier than I thought it would be, I’ve wanted one for a while, now I want one even more!! I still think I might miss holding a good old book tho.

Yzma says hello!


6 thoughts on “Book Store

  1. LOVE that CCN Book Store. I really really need to own it.
    I love my kindle, but I’m loving the ipad right now. I’m just afraid that reading on it will be too much like a computer and that will freak me out.
    I still buy books, but I’m choosier on what I will buy in paper and what will be on the kindle.
    LOVE your china!!!

  2. I’m not a gadget person, but I love my Kindle. It’s so portable. All of Jane Austen’s novels (and a few other books) are on mine and I can read them whenever I want to.

  3. Feel better soon, Mary Kathryn!

    I thought the same thing about the Kindle, that I’d miss holding a book but not so! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!

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