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Sorry about no Rocky Mountain Wednesday post this week – I was sleeping – really.

If you’re like me everything seems overwhelming when you’re sick. I don’t like to whine on my blog but forgive me this one time please.

I’m still trying to get the ‘studio’ organized, things were pretty much flung in the door and left where they landed during Scissor Bed/Pin Pillow construction and great progress has been made but still……being sick has really made this last bit I need to finish a challenge.

Jerry thought I’d feel better if I baked something and I will admit things look better with coffee and scone in front of you – until you look at the whole picture (yes that is a bowling ball). Maybe if I have a good cry….like watch Miss Potter while I eat my scone, or another nap, I’ll feel capable of getting this (and about 100 other things I need to accomplish) done……thanks for letting me whine a bit.


9 thoughts on “my outlook

  1. I do hope you are feeling better today! I am whining too – not becuase I am sick, but my little guy is and not much is getting done!

    I’d like to think of your room as well used! And that’s better than looking like a “show” room anyday!

  2. I would much rather read a blog that’s “real” than a pretend “everything is always wonderful” one!
    And I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been inspired by the loveliness on your blog!
    Now if only I can get a handle on updating my own more than once a month 🙂
    hang in there…April showers bring May flowers…

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