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Thank you again for listening and for your encouragement. The recipe for the scones can be found at the ‘food’ link on the side of my blog. I wasn’t able to eat one – I have a very sore ear from this bug and it has aggravated a sore jaw that I sometimes have trouble with. I say I’m feeling better because I’m not currently counting the minutes til I can take something for pain and slept through the night – also because I accomplished something extra that needed to be done. Ethan is not doing as well as he had been tho, and that is discouraging, this is a nasty virus.

As you can see I had a little help getting this wall quilt finished up. This was an important part of getting the ‘studio’ organized because it allows me to move my wips and finished unframed stitching from the quilt that hangs in the hall to a more appropriate place. They’ve been knocked around a bit out in the hall and it hasn’t been good for the quilt either. It looks pretty bad too as you can see.

I’ve been using Jerry’s camera lately if the pictures look different – it’s a bit too complicated for me I think and much heavier that my trusty little camera you see tucked away, I think I’ll get it back out and stick with simple.

Wishing you a beautiful day, after I get a few things I must do accomplished I might stitch a bit out in the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine…I just remembered I have another Sunshine Award to pass on – thank you Claire! I will do that with my next post.


Thanks again!!

8 thoughts on “feeling better

  1. Love the kitty helper elves.

    I recognize Beneath the Sunlit Sky. I finally finished mine last year (I had to redo the year a couple of times for the correct finish date).

  2. Very happy to read that your health is better. I hope Ethan will soon feel better too.
    Great pictures and… great helper. My cat “Myrtille” is also a nice helper and sometimes I’ve to run behind her because she plays with my floss in the garden !!!
    I wish you a nice and peaceful week-end.
    Anne – France

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