Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 41 e

rmw 41b

rmw 41c

rmw 41a

rmw 41

The past few days have been very, very grey. As I type this we are having a thunderstorm (I love thunderstorms) – so I’d better hurry, I’m unplugged but my battery is very low.

I took over 300 photos on a recent Sunday drive, here are a few for you.


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. My goodness that first picture is stunning.
    I have a question: Why is your blog shortened when I see it on Google Reader? I wish there were a way to make it so I can read it there not have to click here to see it.
    I have hundreds of blogs I check out, and clicking over makes it harder to read yours, and yours are so worthy to read. Is it a setting you do from your preferences? Is there a reason why?
    If I make a comment, of course I click over to your blog page, but otherwise, it makes it much easier on us readers. Thanks for your posts. Always beautiful

    • I had to limit it because there were at least two blogs that were taking all my posts and photos from the reader and reposting them as their own. I won’t be changing it back to a full feed – sorry.

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