the trees








Our trees bloomed beautifully this year despite being snowed on three times this past week. Petals are beginning to fall but the trees are full of bees and ….. cat! This is Jasper who belongs to a neighbor. He has been enjoying my trees all week. Yzma and Ophelia are a bit put out by the whole thing. Jasper has just arrived for another visit as I’m typing this.

I’ve kitted up two projects – not sure which one I’m going to start as soon as I have a moment for stitching again…




9 thoughts on “the trees

  1. I especially like that floss toss for the PSS! Those purples and blues are so yummy! How intense the kitties all look! I assume yours are inside cats and so can’t go to the tree with Jasper?

  2. I love the pictures of your cat in the beautiful tree. It seems that many of you who have beautiful stitching blogs also have kitties! Makes me want one…but then the desire passes.

    My new thing to love this year will be my first great-grandchild!


  3. Beautiful trees! And the cat looks very content playing in it too. So cute!!

    I noticed, for the first time since moving to central FL almost 4 years ago, Magnolia’s in bloom and some kind of Japanese peach/fruit tree with TONS of fruit on it. It’s amazing what you can discover while delivering flowers around the county.

  4. You have such a beautiful blog! I love all of the photos that you share with us. Your stitching’s not too shabby either… 😉

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