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I want to say thank you so very much to the DMC blog again, you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me and asked if I would be part of a series of posts on studios they were planning. Thank you for stopping by for a peek at my little room.

I’ve not had much time for personal crafts in lately. It’s great that what I do for ‘work’ is like doing personal crafts so I can’t really complain. I’ve been spending my free moments doing a little knitting and some reading. I’m not a very good knitter at all and it takes me quite a while to make progress. I’m told that I mutter and talk to myself when I knit, but I keep knitting all the same. I’m hoping that I will build up a bit of a knitting callous on my index finger, it gets a little sore and quite red when I knit – I’m probably doing something wrong.

I’ve almost finished one book, London the Autobiography (very good) and think perhaps Knitting for Dummies should be my next.

My projects are both free patterns over at Lion Yarns: Comfort Shawl and Twin Lakes Blankie please don’t look at my massacre of the seed stitch border, I don’t know how to unpick mistakes but I’ve mastered the seed stitch now.

It’s been so crazy around here that two special anniversaries have passed and I’ve not had time to celebrate them. Check back here on Friday for details – yes there will be prizes, don’t worry they won’t be knitted ones.


9 thoughts on “the knitting woman

  1. I’m clueless when it comes to knitting. I think both the shawl and blanket are lovely, can’t wait to see the finished pieces. Your studio featured on the DMC blog looks great as well.
    Chris in NY

  2. My knitting story is much the same as yours, only with less muttering. This is probably because I am still sticking to the humble Dish Cloth. As soon as I attempt another item I think it will manifest. 😛

    My someday-goal is socks!

  3. Loved your studio/craft room!!! I am getting ready to move and will have a second bedroom and will finally have a craft room–so excited. I got some great ideas for storage and “beauty” from yours.
    Thanks and congrats!!!

  4. My hubby says I’ve been knitting more than stitching lately…he really wants to see my French Alphabet Sampler done! I think knitting is “bigger” for my eyes after working on a computer all afternoon. I’m calling my local yarn shop tomorrow to enroll in a 3 session class…how to knit two socks at a time on circular needles! After seeing some really cool ones on blogs, I’ve wanted to learn how to knit socks!

  5. Love your blog! I’ve been so inspired by knitters lately I’m ready to go buy the “Knitting for Dummies” book and some yarn. Hubby will probably just sigh about another “craft”.

  6. I began knitting about 100 years ago (or so it seems) and stitching came later. If you are getting a sore finger, you are holding to tightly or your stitches are too tight would be my guess. But plug along – remember it’s supposed to be RELAXING!! (grin)

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