I invite you to celebrate my 5th year as a webshop and 4th year as a blogger with me.

As a heartfelt thank you I’ve tried to come up with some unique prizes in honor of the occasion.

Now through Monday, Shipping at the webshop is free in the USA and $2.00 for any size international order. One shopper will receive a 50% discount on their order which will be refunded after the drawing of the winning name next Tuesday.

I’ve made a few ‘reverse’ Project Keepers and have 2 to give away. 1 name will be drawn from those who shop with me this weekend and 1 name will be drawn from those who leave a comment at this post by Monday night. The last giveaway I’m offering is 1 Blackbird Design Stocking – your choice, which I will make for you from one of the monthly design booklets, the name for this prize will also be drawn from those who comment here at this post by Monday night.

Thank you for all your support and friendship – it truly means so much!

The Prizes:

anniv b
Reverse Project Keeper – 2 to be given away

anniv e
It can hold your Kindle too!

anniv c

anniv a
Your choice of a Stocking from Blackbird Design’s monthly stockings – stitched and finished.

Remember free shipping in the USA and one shopper’s order will be drawn to receive 50% off their entire order!

Thank you, thank you!


94 thoughts on “celebrations

  1. Happy 4th and 5th, Mary Kathryn!!! I have always enjoyed your blog and ordering from you!! Thanks for entering me in such a special giveaway!!

  2. Congratulations on both anniversaries, Mary Kathryn! You are such an inspiration to me–everything you make is beautifully stitched and finished!!!

  3. Congrats Mary Kathryn! I always love to visit here and read what’s happening with you and to see your beautiful stitchy photographs.

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversaries! I do so enjoy your blog and your beautiful photographs of your work. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day.

  5. Mary Kathryn
    Congratulations on this milestone! Love reading your blog and now off to shop. Ann-Maree in Sydney

  6. Congrats on your anniversaries. I really enjoy your great photos of everything you make. You do beautiful work. So inspiring. Thank you.
    Pam A

  7. Happy Anniversaries! Thank you for sharing your world with us and for being there for us to increase our stash!

  8. Congratulations on both your anniversaries! It seems like you have been here far longer. I have always enjoyed your blog very much.

  9. Oooh! Great giveaway offerings! Congrats on your achievements. I truly enjoy visiting your site!!!

    Please enter my name in your drawing. I would love to be surprised on the stocking as I have never stitched nor received one. Hmmm…lol!

    I will also post a link to this post on my blog!


  10. Congratulations on your anniversaries. Your blog is always a joy to visit…your photography, scenery and stitching is always beautiful!

  11. Congrats on all your accomplishments Mary Kathryn! Thanks for being such a great webshop and your blog is always such a joy to read (love those Rocky Mountain Wednesdays)!

  12. Happy anniversary and blogiversary! Fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway — wonderful prizes! I usually lurk, but I always read your blog. And I love your shop too!

  13. Congratulations! There is a reason why you have continued to be around, you give great service thats what keeps us all shopping with you. I really love visiting your blog, especially on Wednesdays πŸ™‚

    I will be wondering over to your website πŸ™‚
    Thank you for a chance to win a wonderful gift

  14. congratulations!!! and thanx for such beautiful prizes…. please enter my name in your drawing…..

    take care, Claire

  15. Congratulations!!! I love reading your blog…love to see everything you are working on. If only I could finish as many things!

  16. Congratulations on your anniversaries for your website and blogging. I just love the reverse project keeper. The material is so pretty. Would also like a chance for a stocking made by you. Thanks for having the giveaways.

  17. Congratulations on your 5th and very nice of you to offer prizes. I am a new customer and have just placed an order. Because I love to read, I ordered a Library Chart.

  18. Well done reaching these milestones. Your blog was the first one I started reading, surely that’s not 4 years ago. Time goes fast.

  19. Mary Kathryn,
    Congratulations on your Anniversaries! Many more years to come successfully!
    Thank you for such wonderful prizes. I would love to enter.
    LHN/CCN group

  20. Happy Anniversary!
    Is fantastic! thanks to you for the beautiful pictures and the great moments in your blog.
    Good luck for alls in the draw!

  21. Congratulations on both anniversaries. Please include me in the draw – the little project bag is lovely.

  22. Hi, Mary Kathryn! What a joy to have this celebration of your shop and blog! Wow! I can’t believe it’s only that short a time.
    I, too, would love to be a part of your giveaway. I’m eyeing that Kindle pocket! My little Kindle, whom I call “Stella”, you may remember, for Starry Storytella (that’s a Boston accent!)… would love a home like that one! :]
    Sending love and hugs for your great accomplishments as a stitcher, creative designer and blogging friend, Deb

  23. Happy anniversaries!

    I have a link to your blog on mine…I just love the ideas that you come up with and your photography…and your shop…and the Impie, Hattie, and Bea beauties.

    My Kindle would look lovely in that cotton case. I would love a finished stocking…haven’t stitched any of my own yet, although I have the patterns, and I usually bite at free shipping. Will be back later to go through your shop to see what I can’t live without this weekend!

    Keep up your great work.


  24. Mary Kathryn :>)
    Congratulations on your joint anniversaries. I bet you cannot believe how quickly this time has flown by. Your blog has given so much pleasure and your online shop excellent service :>)
    These gifts are beautiful and I would love to be entered for your giveaways.
    Thank you so much.
    Angela xx

  25. MK
    Congrats on your anniversaries. I am so glad that you have a blog and a website for all the great projects we love. I have been very happy with your service and love your Wed. pics. I hope you pick me for a great prize. Happy Mother’s Day and have a great weekend. pj

  26. CONGRATULATIONS Mary Kathryn on your anniversary!!! What an accomplishment!!! I would LOVE to have a chance to win one of your giveaways!

    Please enter my name and I wish the best and many years of success with your business!

    Now…..time to shop for ME for Mother’s Day!

  27. Congratulations of your fabulous anniversaries! Your give-aways are so generous. I hope to see you blogging and stitching for many many more years to come. Always an inspiration to read your posts.

  28. Happy Anniversaries Mary Kathryn! I would love a chance to win one of your giveaways! Thank you for your generosity!!

    Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy your weekend!

  29. Congratulations on your achievements. Your new coral stitching pockets are beautiful, as were the green ones you had previously. Thank you for all your wonderful creativity; it means a lot to us.

  30. No cash to enter for the 50% offer- but I love the project keeper and BBD stockings.

    Congratulations on your anniversaries

  31. Mary Kathryn, how generous! Especially to offer up items you made – I always admire your stitching.

    Please enter my name in your drawing.

    Happy, Happy anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day

  32. Congratulations, Mary Kathryn πŸ™‚ I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now! It is one of my favorites – so inspiring and enjoyable!

  33. What a wonderful giveaway. You are so nice. I just love the Impie, Hattie and Bea items. congratulations on your anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day.

  34. Congratulations on your anniversaries! I love reading your blog and drooling over all your lovely stitching! Please add my name to your drawing, and thank you!

  35. Congratulations on your anniversaries =) I hope I am lucky enough to win one of the prizes you are offering =)

  36. Congratulations on your anniversaries. I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful Colorado pictures. Makes me feel closer to my son and family who reside in Boulder. Your stitching is beautiful and I just love my Scissor Bed/Pin Pillow by Impie, Hattie & Bea!

  37. Congratulations on your dual milestone/anniversary!
    I enjoy seeing your stitching and your photos. Thank you for a lovely blog and some lovely giveaways!

  38. Congratulations on the anniversaries! I have found your blog to be a constant source of inspiration for me–not only your stitching-related posts but also the lovely Rocky Mountain Wednesday photos.

    You run an excellent e-business, I’ve never been disappointed with the service I’ve received from you when I’ve placed an order. Here’s to many more years of success!

    I would be thrilled and honored to win any of your prizes.

  39. Congratulations on your 5th blogoversary!!! I’d love to be entered into your drawings! (I hope I win the Kindle cover, my Kindle deserves a nice home!) πŸ˜‰

  40. Mary kathryn, joyeux anniversaires !
    I wish you many, many more years of celebrations and stitching to share with us. It’s always a great pleasure to spend time with you.
    I saw that today it’s mother’s day in U.S so I wish you a nice and peaceful sunday with your family.Specials congratulations to your older son for his graduate and to your daughter for the job. You’re certainly very proud and happy.
    And in the end… include me for the prizes please.
    I hope that the plane’ll fly throught the Iceland’s cloud without problem for my order !
    Anne – France

  41. Congratulations Mary Kathryn. Your blog is such an inspiration in so many ways. You provide a wonderful service to so many people. I would love to be entered to win something handstitched by you, please enter my name.

  42. Oh my goodness – how I would LOVE a reverse project keeper for a project OR for my kindle!! That would be so awesome πŸ™‚

    I just discovered your blog and I discovered you on facebook. This is such a nice bonus for me.

    Thank you for being in business, for blogging, for all the work they both entail.

  43. Congratulations on your anniversaries. Yours is one of the favorite blogs that I read. Please enter me in the drawing–the giveaways are so generous!

  44. How time flies! Congratulations on both of these big events. And thanks so much for offering these drawings. I’ve got my fingers crossed…although it’s very hard to hold a needle when I do that.

  45. Wishing you many more years of blogging & webshop success! ‘Can’t imagine what you might achieve if there were more than 24 hours in a day!

  46. Happy Anniverary Mary Kathryn. It’s always a pleasure visiting your blog and seeing your lovely work. I’d love to be included in the giveaway.

  47. Congratulations on both milestones. I love your blog and the fabric used on the Reverse Project Keeper. I hope I win one. If not will you sale them on your website?

  48. Congratulations Mary Kathryn!! I love to visit your website and loved when my Prairie schooler order arrived so promptly . It is always great to see all your wonderful pictures. I would love to win. All the best

  49. Wow! I remember when you started your blog/shop. I can’t believe it’s been this long πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your success.

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