time for stitching







My days are currently very full with shipping orders, a big Impie, Hattie, & Bea project, and working on the new webshop, but I’m making time in the evening for uninterrupted stitching this week. It helps me sleep better I’ve decided. When I have projects going, especially things like the new webshop, I tend to lay in bed thinking it through and trying to solve problems. I can’t rest until I get up and see if the ideas I get while mulling things over work. If I take time to stitch, my mind is much more relaxed when I head to bed – need to work on not staying up so late stitching however, it’s hard to put down a project when you are making good progress!

I’ve made a nice start on Tulip Manor from Blackbird Designs, a retired design on loan to me from a very generous stitching friend, I’ve changed all the threads and am anxious to see if my changes will work. I want to start Rose House from Ewe & Eye & Friends but I’m waiting on some Anchor threads that aren’t here yet. I have almost finished City Stitcher * Country Stitcher from Little House and can’t wait to get it done, such a wonderful design and I love the stitching friends under the tree.

Leaving you with a picture of the Caprese Salad I made for dinner last night – I love summer food!


5 thoughts on “time for stitching

  1. I agree with you Mary Kathryn, I think our brains need time to wind down in the evenings and stitching fits the bill!

    Looking forward to seeing what your new Impie Hattie and Bea project is!

  2. Lovely stitching!! I have not seen Tulip Manor and I LOVE it!! I agree with you about stitching in the evening…it is soo relaxing. Oh, yummy salad! I just adore fresh foods this time of the year. When do we get a hint on the new Impie, Hattie, & Bea?! 🙂

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