the other finish





I mentioned a finish yesterday and since the weather is much cooler, and I seem to be having a semi good day tummy wise, I turned on the iron and here it is all pressed up nice. From Little House Needleworks – City Stitcher*Country Stitcher. I stitched this on 32 Lambswool using the listed DMC threads. I did make a tiny change and stitch the letters in the same color as the roofs rather than in green.

I’ve been in communication with Marianne about her Blueberry Crumb Cake and she is planning to post it at her blog. When she does I will link my little blueberry picture to the recipe and put a link on my food page here.

Back to cross stitch…..I made a start on another LHN design, I’ll let you guess which. I also have a BBD stocking in the works for the winner of my give-away that I’ll share here once I get it sent off. I have a heap of stitching I’d like to organize into on basket of summer projects…just wish there were a few more hours in my day to carry out some of my plans.

I had mentioned (twittered) yesterday about baking some malted milk choco chip cookies that I had seen at the PW blog. It would seem that during the night, some bandit broke into the house and used half of the malted milk powders I had left (which happened to be just enough for the cookies), I know it was some scoundrel because Tyler none of my children would have done such a thing! I ended up just making plain old Toll House Cookies, Kellen has been asking and asking for these anyway. I don’t think my tummy is up to eating cookies but I’m told they are really yummy. I used mini chips so they look a bit different.

I added  few links to the webshop for yesterday’s post of good stuff!


9 thoughts on “the other finish

  1. MK, I love those scissors you keep showing. How would we get those? Do you have them in your shop? Cookies look great! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well and seem to have a little bug. Take care. pj

  2. I believe the design you are working on is LHN Little House Neighborhood. One of my favorites. Happy stitching! Feel better soon.

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