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Feeling incapable of a creative name for this post, I chose the word that is the type of yarn I’m using and the stuffing for the JABCO Strawberry pincushion, both of which you can see in the above photos.

Amber works for the library which you can see in the picture I took when I visited the other day. I stopped by and picked up a stack of books about knitting last week – none of them were anything special but some of the projects shown inspired me to try stitching on extra large needles. I found some size 19 Clover bamboo needles at a really low price so I decided to give it a go. You can see how big these are in my hand. I feel a bit like a caveman trying to make fire with these, but I really like the look of the knitted piece so far.

Speaking of books…I’ve re-read this one again and enjoyed it as an audio book on my MP3 player as well.  It’s written as letters between special friends (mostly).  I adore real mail and had a couple treats in my mailbox recently.  I like that they match my book too.

I’ve decided to try my hand at making up one of the JABCO Strawberry Pincushions – I’ll let you know how it goes.  The whole thing comes packaged in this nice little clear pouch.  I think the amount of roving included for stuffing is quite generous.  The freezer paper they send along to trace the pattern on was a bit small on the other hand. 

Signing off with a progress picture of my start on Little House Needleworks Little House Neighborhood.  I’ve decided to change the colors here and there mostly by using my DMC color card and using the thread that is one shade lighter.  I don’t want to put this project down I’m enjoying it so much!  We are having a chilly (less than 50 degrees today) wet weekend, all the better for stitching I say!!


12 thoughts on “roving

  1. I read that book last year and really enjoyed it. What a coincidence that you posted a picture of LHN Neighborhood. Today I have been trying to figure what color and count I wanted to do that very piece! I have the chart and most of the flosses for it (I’ll change some of the houses with some overdyes I think). I am thinking 32ct light mocha by Zwiegart (sp?) since I have a large enough piece of it and wouldn’t have to purchase (save $$). But then I look at Nina’s finish of it(Between Crosses with Nina) and I love the color finish of her fabric. Decisions, decisions! What color and count have you gone with?

  2. Dear MK, I love every picture you take. What great projects and pics. Bamboo sticks are my fav knitting tools…and the others are dark woods, too. BTW, please accept my thanks for the darling stitching pocket that you sent me for winning on your site some time ago. I just love it to pieces. As you know, this means my Kelmscott threadholder got here, too.
    I’m finding Goodreads a great place to touch base with many of our friends re: what we’re reading and reviews of others. Come join us, MaryKathryn.
    Hugs, Deb

  3. Mary Kathryn hi,
    That’s such a lovely chunky texture your knitting up. It’s nice to see your hand too. You can always tell such a lot from hands I think ….vbg!
    I love the sound of your book and must try to get hold of it. it’s always quite hard to get the books you recommend here in England.
    I love the Jane Austen postcard you received. Can I ask you if it mentions on the back where it might be from :>)
    I love the look of your strawberry and can’t wait to see it finished.
    Angela xx

  4. I loved reading that book! I was worried I would not like it and was surprised how much I crawled into the lives of the islanders.

    Your knitting looks so wonderful and makes me want to learn to knit. Like I need yet another thing to add to my list…lol. And then I would really have a problem as I am addicted to scarves and would knit thousands of them. 🙂

    It was such a joy to see a comment from you on my blog. Thanks!

    Hugs from Holland ~

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