feeling pink







I don’t suppose any fathers read my blog but just in case – Happy Father’s Day!!

For Father’s Day here Jerry and the bigger boys are gearing up for a camping trip, there is basically complete chaos at the moment and I’m escaping to girliness and pink!

I want to stitch this JBW design but can’t decide what color I want to use. I think I’d like to go with a more peachy pink but I’m not positive yet. When I checked out my roses this morning all wet from the sprinklers I thought maybe a rosy pink.

I’ve also pulled out my crochet hook and made a tiny start on something that I have in mind that is most definitely rosy and pink, I haven’t done crochet in ages but seeing a few things around blogland inspired me like this and this.

My windows also gave me some inspiration this morning….


PS – here is the yarn I’m dreaming about
PPS – here is a granny square tutorial

8 thoughts on “feeling pink

  1. Nothing like the color pink to make one feel relaxed. Your roses are gorgeous.
    My daughters bought their dad a metal detector for Father’s Day so we are heading to the beach to hunt treasure. I sure hope he finds something more than pop tops. LOL Maybe I should go ahead of him and hide some coins. 🙂

    Loving your knitting and that beautiful quilt hanging in your window.


  2. I love all the pinks; but I think Blushing would be pretty. Pink is my favorite color. Have fun camping; we went to Pueblo Resovior (?) today and I got burnt. LOL
    Hugs. Sharlene

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