the list


I’ve come up with 3 books and 3 projects. They aren’t necessarily Jane Austen themed, but most definitely Jane Austen inspired. I watch the available DVDs frequently and read her novels on a regular basis so they aren’t on the list, these are the things I plan to do in addition to those JA things I do already.

The books –

JA themed, I’ve tried to enjoy a few of the many, many new Austenish books, I have to say that I really haven’t liked the ones I’ve tried so far (except Austenland and of course P & P & Zombies) – I think these look fun so they are my two choices for this category

EACII read     EACII read2

JA Inspired, because I enjoyed her History of England I’m going to read (and I really enjoyed his London book)…

HoEJA 9780141019956H (1)

The projects –

Complete On Travel with Jane Austen Sampler from The Sampler Girl



Make progress on my JA inspired quilt, see the original here


Start keeping a Nature Journal, I sort of do that on my blog with photographs but to get me back to sketching and studying…I ordered this journal to get me going and own a few books to inspire me, this is also inspired by Elinor Dashwood ;0)


from Keeping a Nature Journal:



PS – Starting tomorrow there will be a webshop special for Independence Weekend, stay tuned!

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