Happy Birthday USA!



We are having a cloudy and damp 4th here. In fact we are under a tornado watch at the moment. You can see that it wasn’t a good day for pictures either. Shown is a kit from Shepherd’s Bush called Land that I Love and Liberty & Justice from Little House Needleworks.

This long weekend is giving me a much needed break from several very hectic weeks and what looks to be a few more. Went on a long scenic drive yesterday to a remote area of Colorado that is so different from here and very refreshing.

I’m recovering from a stab wound in my hand, I will look before I thrust my hand down the side of the sofa looking for things from now on, I stabbed myself deeply on a size 4 knitting needle right between my pinky and ring finger – owww!

We are having a family picnic tonight, pulled pork, coleslaw, chips and dips and a berry cream pie, in fact it’s almost time to eat. Amber is camping with friends so I’ll have to make the guacamole myself. Not sure if the fireworks will go off tonight due to weather but we watch them from my bedroom window anyhow so when (if) we hear the first boom, we’ll get comfy for the show.

Hoping you have a lovely 4th (and 5th, 6th, 7th, etc…)


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday USA!

  1. Love the patriotic stitching! Oh, no…hope you’re not in too much pain and that you heal quickly. Did the fireworks take place?

  2. I felt your stab wound so deeply for you, you poor baby! I hope it gets to feeling better quickly, but you should be sure your tenanus shot is up to date. We don’t want you getting sick!

    Jerry is a hottie, and your kids are all just darling! What a life you have there surrounded by beauty inside and out, LOL!

    I continue to enjoy your blog and Tweets daily. I know life is hectic for you, and I admire all you get done. You’re truly a wonder and so inspirational. I hope it isn’t TOO hectic. Sounds like you make time to enjoy life though. I wish I was your age again and had your energy.

    God bless you and your family!

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