yarn happy and other things!







I changed my dream yarn to something that was much more within my budget and ordered a bundle of it.  I can’t wait to get started.  I’m dreaming of granny squares and making something like this!  Yzma has her own dreams and is getting into big trouble, she’s had 5 spritzes in the face from my water bottle and keeps coming back for more – bad cat!  I got the yarn here, and was enabled by this blog.

Amber made three kinds of salsa, one has corn and avocado (my favorite of the the 3), one has watermelon and cucumber, and one has mango and pineapple.  Yum.  My all time favorite corn salsa is this one.

While running an errand this morning, I happened upon a parade on the street my errand took me to.  I completely forgot that it was the morning of the Rooftop Rodeo Parade.  We enjoyed the tail end of it.  Here are Jerry and Ethan discussing the park ranger’s horses.

I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the wildflowers today, they are everywhere in abundance!


5 thoughts on “yarn happy and other things!

  1. Your yarn will make a lovely afghan. I think the multicolor ones are the greatest and my favorite to crochet! I am also going to try the salsa recipe you linked. Have a great day!

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