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It’s been another crazy, busy week. Weeks that are as full as mine have been lately just seem to fly by. This post is seriously random about my week past.

Granny Square warm up!! I think I will make these 4 squares into a an antimacassar for my stitching chair. Here they are to give you an idea (not stitched together yet), I think I like how they look there. Notice my Jane Austen sampler wall hasn’t come very far since my last mention of it….good grief, that was a year ago. I have changed the frame on this poor lonely sampler since then.

I wanted to post another picture of Yzma since she looked so fierce and mean in the last picture I put up. She really is a sweet cat, Ophelia is the savage one.

I’ve been trying to contain some of the wreckage that happens on my work table when I have lots to sew. I found these tall vases for 50% off and think they will be very helpful. You can see they hold the essentials; thread, ribbon, scissors, knitting needles, buttons,….peppermints.

As far as stitching goes, I didn’t cross one stitch this whole week until late last night and then all I managed to accomplish was 2 more flowers on the Red House (The Sampler Company) border. I’m starting to feel like I will really finish this sampler one of these days!

And finally, the view out the dining room window on a recent rainy evening. You can see my cherry tomatoes are ripening nicely and the roses are blooming well. The little crock on the rail near the grill is my basil plant which is really struggling, I’ve thought it was dead twice and it has surprised me, I’d love to keep it alive, I plan on moving it to a large pot this week, hopefully that will help!



pink flowerWebshop News: beginning July 14 (4 days from now), the webshop will be off-line during an upgrade for about 2 weeks, orders will be handled by email during the upgrade process.

3 thoughts on “this, that, and the other thing

  1. Beautiful! I love seeing pictures of your kitties when I stop by. I grew up with cats, but I’ve developed allergies to them and now they give me hives. I’m always so happy to see yours. 🙂

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