Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 714a

rmw 714b

rmw 714c

rmw 714f

rmw 714g

Not a mountain in sight – yes this is Colorado too! A few Saturdays ago Jerry, Ethan, and I made a day long trip out to the Pawnee National Grasslands. I really loved the scenery there, so different from what I see everyday. The air smelled like fresh hay (and a bit of cow) and it was really hot. I felt so refreshed after spending time out there in the middle of nowhere. The cows range freely and we stopped a few times for a visit while they considered moving out of the way for us to continue down the road.

It was hard to choose just 5 pictures today and I haven’t even shown you the Pawnee Buttes, so tune in for more next week!


5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Gorgeous pictures of the other part of Colorado! That is definitely one of the more unique states and you are so lucky to live there. I found it quite interesting that once you get east of Denver it’s sooooo flat!

  2. Beautiful pictures – and I have learnt a little more about the US. Thank you Mary Kathryn, I always look forward to Wednesdays.

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