a little story






I took some things down from the top of the cabinet in my work room in order to dust and because they looked so pretty lying there I took a picture. The colors reminded me of the pansies on my front porch so I took a picture of those too.

Feeling embarrassed taking pictures of my little flower pots while my neighbor washed his car about 15 feet away, I brought the flowers inside to take another picture, Ophelia of course had to investigate.

While no one was in sight I ran back out and snapped one more picture of everything on the front porch, which you can see is in the shade this time of day.

The yarn came in the mail yesterday and will be used for some facecloth gifts I’m planning for 2 ladies I know. The doll was a Mother’s Day gift from my oldest child Amber and the pillow is a retired Sampler Girl design, you can see more about this lavender sachet pillow project here.

I’m done playing with dolls on the front porch for now, I’m sure my neighbor is relieved!


pink flowerWebshop News: I was able to leave a small page up at the old website while we work on the upgrade.  There are a few new releases, some Impie, Hattie & Bea products and details about the upcoming Prairie Schooler designs.  Please feel free to email me about other items.   We hope to have the new and improved webshop up and running by the end of month!

9 thoughts on “a little story

  1. Your photos are lovely. Very cheerful. I love the yarn. Can you please tell me what kind it is and where you ordered it from? I really love the colors.

  2. Your pictures are very beautiful! You should never feel embarrassed about taking pictures out on your porch, no matter who is around. LOL

    That is a great shot of Ophelia sniffing the flowers!

  3. Honey, my neighbor has PLASTIC flowers outside. I swear!!!
    You take as many photos of your real ones as you want and poop on anyone who is looking. LOL
    LOVE the cuteness of it all.

  4. Hi, I love your blog since last year but this is my very first time to comment. 🙂 Your pictures are so sweet and soft. Extremely beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love your French lavender pillow…just ordered the chart from Tanya…thanks Tanya for the update that it’s not OOP! Also, love the cotton colors…have you used this cotton before? How does it compare to sugar ‘n cream? You have no idea what you started here with your original post of the dishcloths you make!! I must have made over 100 of them…for gifts, mostly. So easy for a beginner like me to knit in the car or while waiting for an apt. These really got me knitting…scarves and now I’m trying socks!

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