Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







On my recent travels the first National Park stop was Colorado National Monument. I had visited here once before in the summer of 1997 when we first moved to Colorado. You can drive through this park fairly quickly, I think it took about an hour. Black widow spiders and scorpions are residents here so I wasn’t really too interested in exploring on foot. As you can see there are some very interesting and colorful rock formations and beautiful views of the Book Cliffs, Grand Mesa, and looking down on the town of Grand Junction, Colorado.

After making sandwiches at a picnic stop and a short browse at the visitor center, we were on our way to Arches National Park which I’ll blog about next Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Lovely pictures, Mary Kathryn. Brings back childhood memories of waiting by the side of the road while Dad hitched a ride into the nearest town to get a replacement tire for the trailer. That seemed to happen at every National Park and National Monument between Pennsylvania and California…Dad was never known for planning ahead or learning from past experience. My brother and I were just talking about that last night. LOL

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