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I have found a few minutes to stitch in the past few days….I couldn’t resist making a tiny start on this Jardin Prive’ design I received as a gift (it’s so cute) and I knitted a bit and found that I can get 4 face cloths from a skein of this yarn (with a bit left over) on size 5 needles knitted to 48 stitches before decrease, good to know. There are only 3 cloths in the picture, I left one with Jerry’s sister in Montana.

A little update on the webshop – I’m adding these books today from Joanne at Of Generations Past. Along with getting a book of great seaside designs you’ll be helping raise funds for Audubon Society and their work in the Gulf. Be sure to visit Joanne’s blog to see all the goodies in this book. In keeping with the theme of this book, here are a few ‘seaside’ photos I took last Friday on our trip.

Leaving you today with a sneak peek of the new website, work continues and the site will be completely off line sometime next week in order to test the functions of the new site.

hol sneak peek


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