Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

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More travel journal for you. We left off last week with our stop for the night in Provo, Utah, the Hampton Inn to be exact. Yummy breakfast and we were off to IKEA. I’d not seen an IKEA before. We weren’t there to shop so just dashed through the store, Ethan even brought his pirate compass along – good thing. I was impressed and am excited to hear there are rumors of IKEA coming to Denver.

Anyway…back to our travels and somehow connecting this post to the Rocky Mountains….We drove through downtown Salt Lake City, where everyone was very busy getting ready for Pioneer Day celebrations, an important state holiday. From there we headed out to Antelope Island State Park which is on an Island (bet you didn’t guess that) in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Because this isn’t a freshwater lake it does seem like visiting the seashore, there is even a beach area with bath houses and pavilions. The mountains around Salt Lake City and to the East of The Great Salt Lake (The Wasatch) are considered the Western Edge of the Rocky Mountains.

We had a long drive ahead of us so our visit was short, long enough to take a few photos and make sandwiches for lunch which we ate in a very scenic spot. After a short drive to Shepherd’s Bush (cross stitch shop) we were on our way to Montana for 2 days. While we were in Montana we drove along the shore of another notable lake – Flathead Lake by daylight and later by moonlight.

Next week – another National Park.

7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Wonderful pictures and what a nice travel ! You had a really good idea to put the links in Wikipedia, like that it’s easy to learn more.

    IF you want to travel abroad I’ve two IKEA stores near my French town. One in France and one in Spain… so…

    Thank you again for all your Rocky Mountain Wednesdays posts. It’s always a pleasure to read you.

    I hope that your new webshop is in a good way. I’m sure your work will be perfect !
    ANNE – France

  2. Lovely photos – it’s great to see some of your beautiful country. hope you get an Ikea – they are great for stitching storage items!

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