Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







A few more pictures from Glacier National Park, including the wildlife. Jerry’s camera has a much better zoom than mine and he has more patience to photograph wildlife so most of these are his pictures.  It was really breezy where the bear was at (across from the lake I showed you last week) so the grasses look blurred and he was pretty far away.

Here’s a link to some Glacier webcams, it’s night so I can’t tell what they show. 

Time for a no-bake cookie I think – hope your week has been sweet so far!


PS there is a tiny car in the last picture, can you see it?
PPS nobake cookie recipe!

8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. After a few days on holidays what a pleasure to come back and see such wonderful pictures… always a big wind of freshness and beauty for our eyes ! Congratulations to your great photograph and to you for your new webshop. I discovered it only today. I find it very pleasant and easy to use. Great idea also to put the currenties’s change… SO I wish long life to your shop and a lot of happiness with it.
    Friendship from France.

  2. hello there…. I enjoy following your blog and your beautiful pictures….

    today you mentioned a ‘no-bake cookie’…. where might I find the receipe…. searched your blog, but came up empty….. in more ways than one….. *grin*

    take care, Claire

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