a helping hand






A sweet friend told me about a handy helper called Magni-clips, which I tried and loved and this same sweet friend asked if Impie, Hattie, & Bea might think about making a little case for the clips (and they did.)   Well, one thing led to another on the design table and I’ve come up with a couple of helpful accessories – Impie, Hattie & Bea style. Neither of these are anything new, but here is my interpretation in beautiful fabric.

~ Cushion/Catch-all, a heavy pincushion holds this in place on the arm of your chair or edge of a table. Handy for resting your needle between color changes or keep several needles threaded ready for changes. The soft bag can hold your glasses, scissors (I suggest a scissor sheath) or catch bits of snipped threads. I used a button from Grandma Ella’s box on this one – the button on the ones at the shop will vary.

~ A Magni-clip case, a smaller sized eyeglass sleeve designed to fit a pair of magniclips in their vinyl protector. I carry the clips now too, very handy and a good range of magnification levels to choose from.

You can see these here in the À la carte section of the Impie, Hatie & Bea category. One of my favorite aspects of the new webshop is that I can add very limited quantity items and one of a kind things and not worry about selling out before I update the page – it does it for me! Things I used to sell over at Etsy, I can list at my own webshop now (I get into too much trouble when I visit Etsy!)

Lastly, a handy deal today for me – 2 new (to me) chairs for my sewing room! I’ve wanted 2 chairs so that Jerry can pop in for a visit and because I have two sewing machines I use,  These were fixtures at Hobby Lobby that they were practically giving away at $10 each. They are really sturdy and in very good condition. I’ve Fabreezed the heck out of them (they smelled fine but just to be sure) and soon they will be in place for use. Ethan wasn’t too excited when I said he could use one for his school work while I’m working. 10 days til we start our school year here!

Thanks again to my sweet friend!


(content and images copyright 2010, Impie, Hattie & Bea)

3 thoughts on “a helping hand

  1. Oh, how cute the new IH&B items are! You have such an eye for fabrics and these items are just darling! I’ve got to go place my order now!!! — What a great deal on the HL chairs, you just can’t go wrong at that price!

  2. That glasses case is such a GREAT idea. Would be better for me if I didn’t need to wear mine all the time. I have those clip on glasses too – why have I forgotten about them – super dumb is what I am.
    Patti xxx

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