a finish, a start, a kitten, and a sale







I finished up Farm House from Blackbird Designs. Such pretty colors. I’m stitching these designs individually, I’m not sure I’ll do all of them but I’m starting in with my favorites. I looked around for a frame, and thought I found one but the sales lady was so horribly rude that I left the shop empty handed. Now I’m thinking of a ribbon hanger, I’ll have to try it out and see. What you can see is an attempt to take a photo of my finish that turned into a kitten free-for-all…I didn’t mind horribly, she’s just too cute.

I have a few of these scissor jewels at the shop and will be adding more as I can, very handy!

I made a start on pattern #7 in this series, Swan Lake as you can see. the colors really blend beautifully on this one, even the color that I grabbed by mistake. I thought I was stitching the outline of the house in the called for WDW Dolphin, but 3 lengths of thread later I realized I had been using WDW Dove instead, I’m not going to fix this little error. I’ve decided to switch CC Magnolia Blossom for CC Bamboo as well.

A little more about Jane. When she was 2 weeks old she became an orphan. A friend carefully raised her and the 4 other kitties in her litter. She is a sweetie pie and loves attention. She likes to be held a lot and loves kisses. Yzma thinks she lives in house full of traitors but she has stopped growling like a feroucious beast if you look at her and only hisses now and then. Ophelia puts on a good show of being hissy if Yzma is around but otherwise likes Jane very much and wants to be friends. Jane spends much of her time in the master bedroom and bathroom for now. I swear she has grown an inch since Sunday!

pink flowerLabor Day Weekend Sale!!

Fabricy things are 20% off at the webshop this weekend! That includes cross-stitch cloth, Moda Bakeshop items (charm packs, honey buns, etc…), and Impie, Hattie & Bea products.


PS – about Jane’s name, I didn’t have a specific Jane in mind but her name is related to my admiration for several literary Janes – Jane Austen, Jane Marple, Jane Eyre, Jane Bennet, and for the sake of my boys who need something more manly, Lady Jane (the fierce cat from Bleak House)

13 thoughts on “a finish, a start, a kitten, and a sale

  1. Your Farm House sampler is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your Swan Lake finish – it’s one of my favorites in this series. Aren’t they fun to stitch?

    Miss Jane is absolutely, positively adorable!

  2. Goodness – somehow I always find myself swooning over your stitching.
    I haven’t had time for anything lately, but I really really want to stitch something.
    Jane is precious beyond words!!

  3. Oh, I am so envious of you having such a gorgeous kitten. She is delightful – I hope you keep posting photos of her as she grows. As a cat owner who has witnessed the growls etc it made me smile.

  4. Great finish Mary Kathryn!! It will be a couple of months before I get started on these. I plan on making a wall quilt…key word, “plan!” Jane is soo sweet!!

  5. Tus trabajos son una maravilla y las fotos con las que nos obsequias todos los miercoles son realmente especatculares…pero esa pequeña cosita peluda es divina!!

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