back online



As frustrating as it was to think, “I’ll just go online and……” about 37 times an hour only to remember that the internet wasn’t working, it was sort of nice to have a short break from the laptop this past week. Our internet went out on Wednesday, and wasn’t working again until Friday evening.

I can’t remember half the things I wanted to do online now but I did manage to finish a book and start another and have been working like a crazy lady to get caught up during the last 21 hours!

Jane is growing like a weed.


I’ve had a lot to think about today, spending just a few minutes reading blogs today and I see we are all thinking about the same things — that day I was looking out the kitchen window watching Jerry leave for work, he turned around and came back, then we turned on the television. Has it really been 9 years?

Thank you for stopping by – really, thank you!


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