poppies & progress





I finished up this stocking several weeks ago. It was a blog prize for Cari. This chart is in the Sweet August stocking booklet from Blackbird Designs. I made a little beaded hanger with swarovski crystal beads. I really like making these stockings, you can see some of the others I’ve done here.

I’ve made a bit more progress on Swan Lake also from Blackbrid Designs. The original personalization of this chart inspired me to create a sort of mourning sampler for a grandparent, the name and initial are so similar. I’ve not gotten that far but hope to have a finish sometime next week. I’ve added kits for this and supplies for the bonus pattern that is included with the Swan Lake chart and the newest in this series Clara Ellen to the webshop.

Also at the webshop, a new little scissor jewel as modeled by my assistant Jane.


7 thoughts on “poppies & progress

  1. I love the Poppy Stocking. Such wonderful colors. Great finishing to. I have this one in my stash to do. Maybe after the first of the year. Right now I’m in ornament heaven for gifts to friends and family. Thank for sharing your wonderful finish.

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