Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 915g

rmw 915h

rmw 915i

rmw 915c

rmw 915d

rmw 915f

rmw 815e

rmw 915b

rmw 915a

Part II of Yellowstone – the wildlife!

Jerry took most of these photos. Wildlife we saw included Elk (daddies, mommies, and babies), Moose, Bear, Bison, Deer, Coyote, we didn’t see many birds however. We often see elk here at home but these were exceptional and made our elk seem a bit shabby.

I still have one more stop from our trip for next week’s post then it’s back to scenes closer to home – hopefully smoke free (we still have a fire nearby) and perhaps a bit of new snow. Our weather hasn’t cooled off yet and we are quite desperate for rain.


7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Wow, what great pictures! Thanks, Jerry! Would love to visit there someday, but the thought of being that close to a bear scares me! Sadly, influenced by growing up in a city.

  2. What wonderful pictures. I always look forward to your Rocky Mountain Wednesdays update. Living in Kansas we just don’t see anything close to what you do.

  3. What awesome pictures! How great that you get to experience this. We have elk, bear, etc here in MI too, but it’s about 8-10 hours away in the UP (Upper Peninsula). Thank you for the respite.

  4. Hi from France,

    I do always enjoy your pictures, i wish I visited Yellowstone and Rocky moutains one of these days !
    It is a real pleasure to browse through your blog, seeing your work and your photos particulary when my days are a little bit shabby .
    I can’t bear think that you are living in Paradise.
    All the best

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