gearing up




this week has been about shipping out and gearing up –

shipping out – – oodles of fabric cuts and autumn designs, I’m happy to say I only had to get grumpy with the serger twice despite the heaps of fabric that needed to be edged!

gearing up – – for the Annual Handcrafts Online Pink Page fundraiser!

Lots of Pink goodies and some special things from Impie, Hattie & Bea to help raise funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. I’ve already put up the page but not all the products – stay tuned! The page officially launches tomorrow.

pink flower click the flower to view the Pink Page


PS – Jane is feeling just a tiny bit neglected

7 thoughts on “gearing up

  1. Hi
    Hello from Paris, I love your blog and I come each day for a little visite to see your wonderful photos and beautiful embroideries.
    Tonight I send you a little message, your cat is so cute and funny. Plase give him ou her I don’t know a big big hug and kiss for me.
    Xo Xo

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