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The page is up and ready. There are several Impie, Hattie & Bea items to be found. My main project has been the Pink Keep – Impie, Hattie & Bea’s 2009 Project Keeper all done up in Pink (15 versions in fact). These feature wonderful covered buttons that really give them a whole new look! There are only a few available per style so if you have a favorite be sure to order before they are gone. The Pink Keeps are lined with the wonderful woven pink check used on the pillows and pin cushion.

Another fun item to customize is the Pink Pin Cushion, you can request a button to match your pink keeper and have a beautiful and useful set. The standard button is the same pretty check as the pin cushion.

Celebrating one of my favorite pink designs, Rose Sampling from Little House Needleworks, with a finished pillow made just the right side for this pretty sampler. I call it the Rose Sampling Pillow – original I know.

And not quite ready to show you (but I am anyhow) is the Jane Pillow. This little pillow is just the right size for Fancy a Jane Day? from The Sampler Girl. I have a few kits available for this as well. I’ll a another picture when I get this finished up.

The Pink Page is just one way to support Breast Cancer Awareness in a fun way, I hope you will see something you like at the webshop!

pink flower click the flower to view the Pink Page


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