lunchtime stroll

lunch time walk 1014a
Ethan and I headed out for a neighborhood walk at lunchtime today. Truly a beautiful day.
lunch time walkf

lunch time walk 1014d

lunch time walk 1014c

lunch time walk 1014b
Checking out a grasshopper.

lunch time walk 1014e

bright leaf
I Love the bright leaves against the beautiful clear blue sky. It’s quite warm out today and by the time we returned home Ethan was shirtless, I think I’m breathing easier too.

lunch time walk 1014g
For lunch – delicious Colorado grown Delicata Squash steamed in the microwave.


9 thoughts on “lunchtime stroll

  1. Beautiful pictures. I just served steamed squash for dinner last night. I have a bushel of Honey Crisp apples that need attending to sometime in the next couple of days.Do you have a good apple butter recipe?

  2. ahhhh…the pictures are beautiful…thank you for sharing them. I m now in Arizona, the Valley and the leaves remain green, but originally came from New England area….so I appreciate seing the snow and red leaves again.

  3. Good to see snow on the mountains! Is Trail Ridge still open? There is a certain luminosity and color that I’ve called “Colorado Blue Sky” since I was a child. There’s a particular day many years later when I made the attempt to move back that I well remember – sitting on the stoop outside our apartment in Denver looking up past the golden elm leaves into that sky that seems to surround and envelope one. I am homesick. Thanks for the photos that keep me connected.

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