a little finish






In the tiny bit of time I have for stitching while waiting for kids in the car and while dinner is cooking, sometimes a few minutes before lights out….I finished up this little Quaker Acorn by Midnight Stitching. The name of this chart is Quaker Acorns I, there is a Quaker Acorns II as well. I used a scrap of 30ct R&R from my heap of tiny linen scraps, and Threadworx floss from my heap of threads that have lost their label. I attached a store bought beaded tassel. You can read more about the other project in this picture here.

I went outside to take a picture of these on our leaf-filled back porch (better send out the leaf crew) and brought a bowl of leaves back inside for the cats to examine. Jane kept trying to run off with a leaf and then Yzma thought she would like to keep a few as well so we took them all back outside.

More Clues (see yesterday’s post for game details):

1. Jerry’s comment to me on the phone while driving away from the airport where he is working was ‘there are more palm trees here than in Colorado’ – by the way, there are no palm trees in Colorado.

2. The name of the state he is working in begins with one of the letters in my newest cat’s name.

There will be two more clues before I draw a winner from the correct submissions.

The prize:

I will send the winner a little kit to make your own Quaker Acorn. The kit includes the design (new) a piece of the same linen and 4 yards of the same thread I used. A piece of the backing fabric I used and if possible (if I can still get one) a beaded tassel.

Leave your guess in the comments section please and thank you for visiting and playing along.


PS – I’ve added this design to the ‘blog projects’ page at the webshop.

38 thoughts on “a little finish

  1. Well so far I go Oklahoma. Ohio is a second guess.
    This is funny. I’m enjoying this game and very curious about its answer.

    I follow your blog for sometime and love your works and beautiful photos.

  2. I am going with my first guess which was Arizona. Problem is I am not sure if he flew or drove. If he flew out of town then my guess would be Florida. There are tons of palm trees and the flowers are beautiful year round.

  3. Oh, how adorable your sweet kitties are with the fall leaves and your Quaker Acorn and the Needles pinkeep are just beautiful, Mary Kathryn! With all your clever clues my guess will be Arizona! 🙂

  4. Well my guess, even before that last photo was going to be Arizonia. Would love to win — and your finishes are great. The quiche looks wonderful as well.

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