This was the big weekend!! Kellen finished up his Black Belt testing in Tae Kwon Do. Now I have two ninjas in the house. Technically ninjas are from Japan and Tae Kwon Do is Korean…but you get the idea. Tyler was his partner for testing so this is a bad picture of my two big boys in action. I can never take good action shots in fluorescent lighting….

Also, here is a picture of my whole little gang of kids, it is getting difficult to squeeze everyone in my car with gear these days, sort of like a clown car. Yes, Ethan’s hair is scandalously long, but it doesn’t look quite so awful without the hat. He is scheduled for a hair cut this week!

I have some beautiful flowers in my studio right now. These are flowers of appreciation – so nice!

On to the prize!! Jerry has been working in Arizona. He was home for the weekend for Kellen’s big day but is flying back first thing in the morning :0(

I drew a name from all the guesses and the winner is…Nataly K. Please email me Nataly so that I can get your prize on the way to you!

Thank you all for visiting me here and playing along, it was fun!


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