Rocky Mountain Wednesdays


rmw 1110a





It’s been a hectic day and I thought I was forgetting something (today’s RMW post)…..glad I remembered even if it is a bit late in the day. We are expecting more snow and the days have been quite grey, glad I snapped this first one on Monday.

Some pictures from an early morning trip to the airport, Denver just as the sun came up and the airport, these were also taken on Monday.

Ethan and I took what may turn out to be our last nice Autumn walk Monday afternoon; it has been wet and cool for 2 days now. I actually ended up taking a 6 block jog through town in the freezing rain yesterday, a long boring story and not an enjoyable time at all. I much prefer my rambles with Ethan.

Here is a bench we sometimes visit along the way, I enjoy the view and Ethan ‘climbs’ the tree. Not many leaves will be left to enjoy after our current weather or pretty Autumn vistas like this one from our bench.


One thought on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Your second picture really has a great juxtaposition: the farm against the backdrop of Denver!!!

    Thanks for sharing a piece of the Rocky Mountains with us as always! 😀

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