Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1215a

rmw 1215b

rmw 1215c

rmw 1215e

rmw 1215f

rmw 1215d

Still no snow at home and not all that much on the mountains….we are currently under a winter weather advisory….fingers crossed! These skies look quite wintry but they are just the result of warm wind and lots of it. It has been in the high 50s and low 60s and quite windy.

Thanks for all the comments regarding last week’s elk photos. Here’s one more that I thought was a bit silly. We usually see elk in and around the east side Rocky Mountain National Park in fact it’s rare that you can’t at least get a glimpse of elk from a distance in the town of Estes Park, often on the golf course. You can see we had to stop the other day for deer and elk to cross the street near town. One day I saw an elk climb into the back of a pickup truck in stopped traffic to get some hay that was in the bed, another day I couldn’t get back in my car after going to the library because it was surrounded by elk, I had to wait til they felt like moving on, I did not try to shoo them away, just waited patiently from a distance, they are still wild animals; elk rarely hurry.


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Wonderful pictures. Yes,it is good to remember that they are wild animals. Once, while in the Grand Canyon, a small herd slowly made their way across the road in front of us. Always a sight to see. Just as the coyotes are when they are out and about here in my community…at a respectful distance.

  2. Oh, my! We hear about and see pictures of animals in the roads, but climbing into the pickup – makes you wonder just what we’ve done to their homes and food sources.

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