happy birthday Jane!






It’s not polite to mention a lady’s age but well, Jane is getting ‘up there’, I wonder what she would think of her popularity today.

My favorite JA novel is Persuasion and I’ve stitched a few tributes using Little House Needleworks and Sampler Girl designs. I did go a bit beyond the book on LHN’s Captain’s Inn and changed it to The White Heart rather than The White Hart because I couldn’t figure out how to chart a stag alongside the ship which I love on that chart. The other charts I used were LHN’s Abigail Winslow and Liberty & Justice. The Sampler Girl chart is called Return to the Sea with Jane Austen.

I read about a special treat for Jane fans over at AustenProse (a great Jane blog by the way) check it out!

Enjoy something yummy with a free ebook in honor of Miss Austen today (cookie picture from wikipedia).


One thought on “happy birthday Jane!

  1. How fun! My favorite JA is Mansfield Park. BTW, have you heard of Librivox? You can download audiobooks for free. Check out the JA books read by Elizabeth Klett. They are FANTASTIC! They are what I listened to when I was stitching on my dd’s stocking.

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