Most of these pictures are from late last summer. Amber and I had a girls day out and I picked up this knitting book. I love everything in it and quickly began two cozies. I’m a very amateur knitter and I’m sure by the time I find time to knit again I won’t have a clue where to start on these, but loved working on the bit I did get done. I enjoyed figuring out the pattern and how to knit a cable. Maybe someday I’ll even have a couple of cute cozies to show for my efforts.

This is a picture of Jane from about the same time. She is still petite and doesn’t look all that much different, she has much longer legs however. She is still in the spastic kitten stage and gets on Ophelia and Yzma’s nerves pretty quickly but on the whole everybody gets along.

I took this last picture while waiting in the car for Kellen Sunday night at church. I’m always a bit sad when the Christmas lights get taken down, I’ve decided to keep the tree decorated for a while longer this year.


5 thoughts on “cozy

  1. Tea cozies! One of these days, i say to myself more than once, I will knit a tea cozy for my pots….do I, no….I like the knitting you have started…very pretty.

  2. I agree! It is so sad when all the Christmas lights disappear! We are keeping our tree up for a little while longer, too – besides, our baby girl loves looking at the lights and decorations 🙂

  3. I love the looking at the lit tree and we always keep it up and lit until Ephinany (Jan. 6). While I was off from work, I turned on tree as soon as I got up and didn’t turn it off until I went to bed that night. I always feel so sad when I see trees on the street for pickup on the day after Christmas. After all, the 12 days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day! I wish our society was such that we could truly celebrate and visit our family and friends for all 12 days, rather than going back to work and jumping back everything.

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