where I’ve been….


~On the road in Kansas

~St. Louis

~Market location Nashville

~Jerry’s shenanigans

For the past 5 months, much of my time has been spent getting things ready for this wonderful 2011 Market Exclusive with Little House Needleworks. I do have a few of these I will be listing at the webshop if you would like to reserve one. Shops should contact Hoffman’s about this product.

February has been a very difficult month with a sad family loss, last-minute travel, and trying to get things finished. In the end we had to drive the last few boxes of the Impie, Hattie & Bea product to Nashville ourselves. At Market I had a tiny peek at a few displays but mostly visited with the wonderful Hoffman’s staff, said hello to Sharon Crescent (and shared a hug) and then hopped back in the car for another quick trip to see family in Michigan.

I brought along some cross stitch and as soon as the muscles in my hands feel a bit better, I will be back to cross-stitching, I haven’t done a bit of it since early November and have missed it very much!

We are looking at a large snow storm and trying to determine our travel plans for the morning. I’m really worn out and looking forward to getting home and resting up for another adventure I’ll be blogging about soon.


11 thoughts on “where I’ve been….

  1. It sounds to me like you need to rest. Maybe the snow will enforce that? Your photo of Kansas with the full moon is very beautiful. Take care!

  2. Mary Kathryn I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. Wish you’d been able to stop and visit coming through Kansas. Would have been great to share a hug! You’ve been so busy I think some rest, relaxation and stitching fits the bill. Please take care!

  3. I thought you have been pretty quiet lately.

    Travel safely. I just heard from a woman who was going to make a presentation at a meeting tonight, but she and hubby can’t make it back tonight because of weather in Ohio. We currently have bands of many colors going across our radar reports!

    Also, listen to what your body and mind tell you. Sometimes we all need a time out of some sort.



  4. Your snap of St. Louis made me homesick – I’m a navtive St. Louisan now living in Northern Virginia. I really like the new designs. Can I place an order here? If not, would you tell me where and how?

    Thanks. I hope you are feeling better soon. It would not be pleasant not to be able to stitch for awhile.


  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Could I reserve the piece that you and Diane designed. I tried on the website but it wouldn’t let me.

  6. I got my new tomatoe and needle book today along with the LHD design to go with it. I was pretty sure you were sewing up a storm when you’ve been so quiet and hoping for something great at market. I was not disappointed. Thanks for great designs and I hope you have safe trips and happy stitching. I’m thrilled.

  7. Hi Mary Kathryn, I haven’t had a chance yet to say that I am so sorry for your family loss. It sounds like it has been stressful and busy for you in the past few weeks, a difficult combination. Hoping you find some rest and quiet now that you are home. Your new Impie, Hattie, and Bea/LHN project is really cute! Congratulations!

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