the last of my travels – for now

Rosewood Manor ABC Tapestry
Rosewood Manor’s ABC Tapestry

NeedleWork Pres Maria Tilley 1835
NeedleWork Press Maria Tilley 1835

Since it’s been so long since I’ve shown any stitching I’ll show you pictures (not my work) of the two things I saw at Market that made me OOOH and AHHHHH. Keep in mind I was only there to drop off product at Hoffman’s room and arrived just as the show was closing for the day on Saturday. So between the elevator and Hoffman’s room I saw these two samplers and stopped in my tracks to take a closer look. Like a ninny I never thought to ask if I could take a picture so I’ll have to just use these, they really don’t show the beauty of either of these samplers.

It’s good to be home and see all my kids, we only took Ethan along. It’s also good to see my cats. We spent a night at Jerry’s sister’s house on our way home. She spoiled us rotten on this trip arranging hotel rooms along our route, it was so nice not to have to think about those details along the way, we just texted her our location and she had us all set to sleep in luxury when we got there. Thank you Janet!

At Janet’s I took some pictures of her pets.

Here is Max-

and Mark & Judy-

Ethan contemplating the lake and the deep snow-

My picture of Orange Cat didn’t turn out very well. We woke up to a foot of snow and decided to take a southernish route home. For the frist 6 or 7 hours travel was really awful and I was glad to get out of the car for a while at Cracker Barrel somewhere along I-69. Things cleared up just before we got to Indianapolis and then we had beautiful weather the rest of the way home.

See you next week with some stitching news I hope!


2 thoughts on “the last of my travels – for now

  1. Those samplers are works of art! And I enjoyed the photos of your sister-in-law’s house. I cannot at all relate to the phrase “for the first 6 or 7 hours of travel” in connection with driving!

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