Rocky Mountain Wednesdays



rmw 030911a



I know I had recently said that my travels were over for a while but…we spent the weekend in Southern Colorado. Jerry had a third interview for a job down that way and we were all invited to come along for the weekend.

These pictures show our early morning drive through Denver where there was amazingly very little traffic.

While zooming past the Air Force Academy at 75mph it’s hard to get your horizon straight while snapping pictures over your shoulder, sorry.

Pikes Peak – the ‘big one’ down in Colorado Springs, and two more snaps of Pikes Peak from the south. These last two were taken on the front porch at a house we had lunch at Saturday afternoon and where I enjoyed Gone With the Wind with a group of college intern girls the night before.

We picked my up my car from the repair shop. It is still making a strange noise….I really hoped that it would be gone especially since it was 18 times more that we thought it would be to fix it! Jerry hasn’t driven it around yet, I’ll be interested to see what he thinks.


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Sorry you have had a recent loss in your family. Sounds like things are hectic with the potential move, market, etc. I just spent almost $2,000 on car repairs & maintenance needed. It isn’t pleasant!

  2. Lovely pictures, as usual. That is always such a pretty drive from Denver through Co. Spgs and you really captured it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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