a pillow for Ann



birthday time b


I’ve sat down to write this post six or seven times but then I start looking at pictures and reading about Japan and run out of time for posting. The images are just amazing to me of what they are trying to deal with there, quite overwhelming. Like many people I know I am lifting those in the midst of this disaster, and their loved ones in prayer.

Here is the pillow I recently finished and sent to my sister for her birthday. This birthday marked the one month anniversary of her oldest child Justin passing away. He was 21. I know that praying for those we love is the best support we can give at times. I will ask if you think of it, that you add your prayers to mine for my sister and her family. I’ve included a favorite old picture I have of Justin with Amber, Tyler, and his baby sister Samantha who is yelling her head off in Amber’s arms. Justin is the dapper boy in the in tie, Tyler is the baby boy wondering what is wrong with that screaming baby.

We are about 20 days away from our move. Tons of things yet to be accomplished. I’ve added a few things to the webshop that I never found time to list in the past including some beautiful fat quarter bundles that I’ve decided to part with. I’ve listed the closing details for the webshop there as well as I will not be able to ship orders for a short while during the move. I’ll keep blogging during that time but it will take some time to get things back to working order at the webshop.


9 thoughts on “a pillow for Ann

  1. That is a beautiful pillow – my lower back feels better just looking at it! And what a terrible thing, to lose a child. I will add your sister to my prayers. I’m sure your loving support will give her strength. I feel very lucky that I do believe that prayer helps. It’s the one thing that keeps me from succumbing to depression when faced with life’s heartbreak and disaster. Good luck with your move.

  2. The pillow you made for you sister is just beautiful!! I will say a prayer for her and her family right now. I can’t imagine what she must be going through. Good luck with your move and all that it entails!

  3. The pillow you made is wonderful. My heart and prayers go out to your sister I can’t imagine what she’s going through but I’m sure your love and support means a lot in this hard time.

  4. My prayers are for your sister, you and all your family without forgetting the Japanese people in these awful tragedies…
    I send you all my sympathy from France.

  5. I am so sorry to read of your sister and her families loss and my thoughts are with you all.Your sister’s birthday gift is lovely.
    I hope you and your family have a safe and trouble free move.

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