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I picked up a bit of seasonal stitching I had put aside ages ago. Unfortunately I left this project in a spot that received quite a bit of direct sunlight. You can see how much the linen I’m stitching on has faded since I dyed it last March (2010) by comparing it to the remaining linen I stored more carefully. I’m not sure I want to restitch this….I don’t think it looks awful but I do like the original color much more.

Something else that is ‘sweet’, hopefully not bittersweet. There have been a few upheavals regarding our move, bad timing and so forth which may mean I need to give up my cats. I’m trying not to think about this if I can help it because it makes me very unhappy to consider the possibility. If I felt confident I could find a good short-term solution for them I would feel much better but that isn’t working out at all either. I’m upset that I’m upset . . . but I am very sad about this.

A few things to celebrate the day….warning!!!! Raw Meat Image…

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14 thoughts on “green

  1. I am so upset to hear you may have to give up your cats, I truly hope not. They are such lovely contented looking little ones that it would break my heart if I were you. If I didn’t live at the other side of the world I would volunteer to help.

  2. Oh, I am sorry about your dilemna with your kitties! I have 4 cats and I’m not sure I could part with any of them!

    Would it be feasible to get a friend to take them in for a little while until you get settled? Or can they be boarded? I’m sad over your news. (I wish I lived closer cuz I’d take them in!)

  3. Ohw giving up the cats would be awefull. Your Jane is almost the same age as my Charlotte & Emily and I can so relate to having to miss them. I keep my fingers and toes crossed all works out well. Too bad I live in the Netherlands, or else you could have brought them to me 🙂 Cats are alwasy welcome.

  4. I wish there was a way to get your kitties here. I would love to have them come stay with their kitty cousins until you get settled. Again, if we weren’t 1/2 a country away.

  5. Oh No, you can’t leave your cats. My kitties travelled half way around the world with me and I know it isn’t easy, finding somewhere to rent that will let you have pets etc but it was worth all the hassles. They have kept me sane and been amazing company in my huge upheaval.

  6. Oh no! I’m so sad for you, that you might have to give up your kitties!! I can’t imagine moving without ours… I’ve always moved to places that accepted whatever cat(s) I had at the time, which narrows the housing pool immensely so I sympathize. I sure hope you can figure out a solution, MK!

  7. I wish I lived close enough so I could take care of your kitties until you’re ready to take them back. I’d be so torn up. I still miss Gilbert, my green ring-necked parakeet that I had to leave in Holland.
    Wishing you good luck finding a happier solution.

  8. You can always ask your vet if they could take them. Then they would be certain of finding a good home for them. I’d love to take them, but GA is kinda far I fear! Good luck! Mary Kathryn, are you gonna be participating in JABC pin cushions kits?

  9. Oh Mary Kathryn how sad! I couldn’t live without my babies and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Certainly something will work itself out. I really hope so! HUGS!

  10. I so hope you can find a solution to your kitty dilemma. It would be heartbreaking to have to rehome those beautiful girls. Best of luck to you.

    Your spring piece looks great on the faded linen. From the pictures, it looks closer to the color used for the model than the starting color (which is gorgeous, by the way). Was the stitched piece evenly exposed to the sun?

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your kittie dilemma. I am hoping a solution will pop up for you because I could not imagine not being able to take my kittie with me wherever I go. So many people have offered to take them temporarily until you get settled, and hopefully someone who will be in your vicinity will make an offer to help. Good luck.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty dilemma. I wish that I could help you out on a temporary basis, but I am two wide states away from you. Hopefully a perfect solution will occur to you and they will eventually be able to make the move to be with you.

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