a few little stitches





I’m perfecting the practice of packing procrastination…..

By 10pm each night I call it quits and sit down to stitch, much longer than I should but it’s an escape for me at the moment. We are still up in the air about our final moving destination if you can believe it and a temporary solution my be our next location (including but not limited to some of us staying with relatives who live out of state)….too many uncertain details to go into the whole story but let’s just say when asked where we are moving my answer is – I have no idea but we are moving in less than 2 weeks.

I’ve made some nice progress on Snow White from Little House Needleworks and a few other new starts I’ll share later this week. As I pack away my personal cross stitch supplies I keep adding to my ‘keep this out to stitch during the move’ pile. I’m not sure how long things may remain in storage but I’ll have plenty to stitch in the meantime!

I’m excited to say that the ‘Blogger’s Day of Silence, to Japan with Love’ drive has raised almost $55,000. Thats almost 10 times the goal! I’m glad to have been a part of that tiny effort to help with the immense needs faced by the survivors in Japan.

Don’t you love how these coconut cream filled Dove chocolates match my stitching? By the way I’m using Icing Belle Soie Silk from Crescent Colours on 28 ct Star Sapphire linen from Wichelt. As you can see I have the Family Tree frame all ready to receive this project.


PS – thinking long and hard about buying this totebag today…..

11 thoughts on “a few little stitches

  1. HI Mary Kathryn! I hope that you’re able to take your kitties with you now that your plans have changed again. I’m crossing my fingers. And as always, your stitching is just beautiful!

  2. Go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it. I’ve been thinking about your kitty dilemma – I hope you can work something out, please keep us posted.

  3. The stitched piece is beautiful. Belle Soie is my fiber of choice, and Icing is my choice for a smooth stitching white fiber…so many whites just don’t lay/lie nicely. I might have to get that pattern and follow your lead.

    Now, though, I must start my hunt for coconut cream Dove!


  4. First I hope that the move all gets worked out for you. I have this pattern in my stash and just love the way it looks. Great job! Sitting down and stitching will keep you from getting too stressed so not to worry.

  5. Did you buy the tote bag?? I was thinking about getting one on sale yesterday, too, but then I left for work and forgot about it. Good for my pocketbook, I guess!! 🙂

    I pray everything goes well with your move. Uncertainty is always hard!!

  6. Yikes, I bet you’re stressed! Moving is hard enough, but to not even have a destination? I can’t imagine… I hope you’ve figured out something for your kitties, and I hope you get tons of stitching (and relaxing) time during all of this!

  7. Hello! I love your needlework and will look forward to seeing you start up again in your new place. Hope you can take your kittiestoo!
    I am sorry you are leaving CO. I so looked forward to all your pic’s on Wednesday’s. I can see the mountains, but it’s not like your photography. You’re so great at it. Good luck!

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