mr bigglesworth






A bit of stitching I’ve done this past week.

We spent most of yesterday getting Amber’s things moved to her new apartment which is going to be very nice. She doesn’t have any lamps plugged in yet so it’s quite dark. She is actually house & dog sitting until Wednesday so she hasn’t started unpacking at all.

Jerry is calling Jane Mr. Bigglesworth since she was spayed, do you think they gave her a whopping big furcut for a tiny incision or what? The little green line is where the incision is, that line is a little tatoo on her skin to show she’s spayed. Poor baby. Actually she acts like nothing happened.

Still nothing to announce on the moving front, they say no news is good news, right? I say no news is nerve-wracking!


9 thoughts on “mr bigglesworth

  1. Wow! You have gotten alot of stitching done. I always get inspired to stitch on after seeing your work. I do so enjoy all of your pictures. Best wishes to your daughter with her apartment. (so hard for a mom!) My daughter turns 22 tomorrow.She will graduate in May. How fast time goes by!!!

  2. At least your kitty was being speyed – one of my cats went in for an eye op and came out with the fur shaved from her tummy!
    Lovely stitching.

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