Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







Went to the doctor yesterday (bronchitis, again) so I was out and about to get some pictures for today. These aren’t the best, I wasn’t really feeling too well after a session with the nebulizer and the new antibiotic that makes me feel a bit ill, especially in the car. It was a beautiful day as you can see.

Did you know that elk lose those enormous antlers every year and grow them back? You can see this guy very recently lost one. I’m not sure if it shows but the spot it detached from is an open wound right now. There were some people with a dog nearby so these guys kept moving. You can see what the antlers look like as they grow back here.

We see this same little group of big horn sheep along this stretch of road often. They try not to make eye contact but there always seems to be one who can’t help herself.

Back to packing although I’d rather go back to bed!


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Mary Kathryn hope you get to feeling better. Love the pictures, thanks for taking the time!! Would be good if you could get some rest!

  2. MK, I haven’t been to your blog in forever, so I had a lot of pleasant reading to do. I missed you Tweeting that you were blogging, and today I see that you blogged yesterday. I’m dying to hear where you’re moving and can’t stand to think you may have to give up your kitties! I love the big sampler you finished and had framed in a previous post! It’s just beautiful!

  3. I understand how you feel after using a nebulizer – I feel the same way.

    Have you resolved your problems about the cats? I hope so.

  4. Hello MK, I have been away from blogging, I checked in to see your Wed pictures, lovely as always. I was saddened about your move, and confused about the cat or is it cat(s), hope you get settled with this soon, its tough on your immune system..get well Jean

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