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Bright colors have been catching my eye. This fabric is for a future colorful project. I’m trying to decide what to do with this giant framed print of a picture Jerry took for a class. The school framed it and hung it in the lobby for a while and then gave it to him (the frame and matting are as boring as can be) – it will probably get hung in Ethan’s future room – wherever that may be…

Packing continues, we still don’t know where we are going. We are hoping that an offer will be coming soon regarding a job Jerry has been interviewing for which will keep us in Colorado. We may be staying in Colorado regardless, but everything is hanging on this job offer/no offer at the moment. We will be in this house for another week, perhaps a bit longer but then…..? Until last week we were going to be out today, being sick has put me behind on the packing so I’m grateful for a bit more time.

I picked up a few things to give Amber for her new apartment at Target, along with the cookie plate, dish cloths, and spatulas I got her a Pyrex glass measuring cup and a tiny ice cream scoop for cookies.  I also got myself these goodies (except the Pyrex and scoop) for our new place.  Another thing that is going with Amber is her cat Ophelia! Amber has had her own place in the past so she is pretty well set up with most things. We still have Jane and Yzma and I’m hoping that won’t change.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog along the lines of the great 365 photo projects that are out there.  I was first inspired to do this a few years ago while following a blog called 3191 who used to use this format of a picture-a-day.  I thought it would be fun to document the next year in pictures beginning with our move, I’ve started today which was supposed to be the first day of our move.  You can link to my new blog here.  No words, just a picture with categories.  I hope this will help me take better pictures too.


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