yellow bird




yellow bird

My Yellow Bird will be turquoise however. Sadly the LNS here is going out of business. The owner I was fond of left the shop this past summer and I’ve not been there much since. When I stopped in Saturday I was a little surprised but not shocked that they are closing at the end of the month. Although they didn’t have what I was looking for, I didn’t leave empty-handed.

I’ve been trying to decide what to use for Yellow Bird since it was released. I think the model is beautiful as it is but I knew I wanted to see how this design looked in a bolder color. I really like using Threadworx threads so I thought this would be a good time to try another color. As you can see I’m going with color 1052 (1 strand over 2 on 32 count lambswool), those fun scissors are from Dinky Dyes by the way.

I also picked up a couple of issues of Just Cross Stitch. I confess, I do not subscribe to any stitching magazines, or any other magazines for that matter. I don’t like the clutter, now that I’m packing, I’m really glad I don’t. I have several years worth of cooking magazines to pack still and they are pretty dusty, but you never know what perfect recipe might be in there….imagine if I had heaps of stitching or decorating magazines to cope with! Each of these JCS issues has something great, Jan/Feb 2011 has a very pretty Plum Street Samplers design and Mar/April has an adorable Country Cottage Needleworks design. I’m glad I stopped by the shop.

Still packing away here, it would seem like I should feel like great progress is being made but we just keep finding more stuff that needs packing. I still need to rest in the afternoon and by bedtime I have difficulties breathing…Jerry is keeping the chocolate supply flowing thankfully.

Still no news – maybe tomorrow!!


7 thoughts on “yellow bird

  1. I am anxious to follow you on your move, love to visit your site to see what you are stitching, or cooking, or visiting in the wilderness. So sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew also, hope you all are mending. How is your sister doing?
    Why does everything you stitch look so perfectly laid and beautiful? Do you use a laying tool? I never think mine looks that neat and nice. I am now trying knitting also, saw the pattern you were trying in blues, I am just trying to use up some yarns that are here being it is my first try at it, so needless to say the colors won’t be so lovely together. But I am happy to say I can now purl as I think that is what always kept me from knitting, the videos are a big help in learning anything online. Stay well for all that you have coming up, Michelle

  2. I love the color you went with! So sad about anothe LNS closing.. I think you should move east and open a fantastic shop in the Carolinas!!! We have few brick and mortar stores and sometimes seeing the items is what sells the items! Best of luck to you and your family! Always, Faye

  3. Its so sad when another LNS closes. I loved looking at all your Fiesta Ware. I just recently got interested in it, love all the color. I hope feel better soon and get some news soon as well.

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