and I have these

I’ve drawn a name for this sampler – Ginny who left comment #1, your name was drawn. I’ll email you to get your shipping details. Thanks for the help.



squares 2

squares 3

These are from long ago and are slightly ‘distressed’ by age. They might make a cute pillow or pincushion, I had the little Amish square framed at one time. DMC on Rustico Aida, sorry I do not have any pattern information on these either.

If you would like this set for free, please leave a comment. I will draw a name before I list the next item. Sorry USA addresses only, international mail requires a special trip to the post office and I just don’t have the extra time right now. I do have one more recent finished finish that I will be giving away, I will open that one up to any address anywhere.

I want to send a huge thank you out to those of you who have encouraged me with your comments, emails, thoughts and prayers. We are formulating some plans, and more work has begun to fill up Jerry’s calendar, thank you again and again. I feel like we are embarking on an adventure, it might not be fun all the time but it will be interesting.

We woke up to a bit of snow, so pretty on the trees in bud. And as you can see my studio is completely packed. Ethan slept in there last night as his room is a disaster of things being sorted and boxed. He has way too many toys since we saved the older kid’s toys and he has been given lots of his own over the past 8 years. I’m getting rid of a bunch and am trying to keep him out of it.

Back to work!


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5 thoughts on “and I have these

  1. I’m sure these are Leisure Arts designs, too, like another one you offered. The Amish one would look great in my hallway, which is full of Amish-themed items. I agree that both designs would look great as pillows. Please add my name to the drawing!

  2. I hate to see your beautiful studio all empty! I would love a chance to be in the drawing for these sweet pieces you stitched so long ago!

    I will continue praying and thinking of you & your family till I hear something positive for you all.

  3. So glad Jerry has found more work. You must be relieved.!! Does that mean you won’t be moving?
    Hope not. I would also love the two pieces you have to give away. They are beautiful and it would give me a way to remember your beautiful blog. Keep us posted!

  4. I’d love a chance to win these if it isn’t too late. I hope things work out with your move and everything goes smoothly. My husband keeps saying that every day is new and things can only get better.

  5. It’s sad to see your beautiful room empty, you sound a little more positive and relaxed, and that’s good. But I know you still have alot of planning and unknown’s still ahead. Glad that Jerry has and still getting some work. I will keep in thoughts and prayers

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